92-Word Biographies On…



Travis Friedrichs – Drums, Squeez Box, Vocals
“What a wonderful world it became when Travis started playing the drums. This happened when he was, like, a kid. But you can bet he was probably thumping on his mom’s insides and stuff when he was in the womb. His beats can be either smooth, hot, vicious, dainty, raucous, tantalizing, or happy-go-lucky depending on how hungry he is, how sweet he is feeling, or just randomly. He likes pontooning on Madison Lake (oftentimes while wearing European swimwear), eating red meat, ditch vaulting, and shaking things up. His birthday’s in, like, Octoberish.”



Nate LeBoutillier – Lead Vocals, Guitar
“Nate ain’t that bad. He’s got a number of pocketknives, a scraggly head, and a tender heart. Once on vacation he saw the Badlands. He felt like he fit in there and stuff. Whilst playing his blue guitar, he’s been known to spit. Like, not spit rhymes, or lyrics, or, like, poison. Just spit. You know, like when you got some junk in your mouth and you hock it out. So beware. Also, he’s into tennis and whiskey and likes Claire Danes for whatever reason. He has never joined the Army yet.”



Jason Miller – Bass, Keys, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
“Way back when, Jason’s moms decided she needed to drop something like it was hot. So she birthed Jason. Soon after, St. Peter and later Mankato became better places, like after Jason lived there awhile. Jason played his first guitar until his fingers bled. The blood has since been mixed with sweat and tears to the point where we are now, where Jason is basically a budding rock legend. Also, he is really chill and likes cooking steaks on the grill, playing poker, conquering mountaintops, slaying things, and doing water polo. Booyah.”

Lehi Gertz – Fiddle, Keys, Mandolin, Vocals

Lehi Gertz was raised by narrens in the Northern Basswood Forest region of Minne-wisc-a-wac and taught at toddlerhood the intricate secrets of concocting witches’ brews, potions, elixirs, and lotions. Though her childhood was a lonely one spent mostly in a two-room gingerbread cottage, she showed promise in the dark arts of animal petrification, human-to-owl pellet transfiguration, and hypnotism by fiddle. This last skill won her her freedom from the narrens and led her to The Porchlights. She’s dropped most of the witch stuff but still finds time to attend occasional Renaissance festivals.